Orrery 6: Prints!

Getting digital work out of the computer and into the real world isn't trivial. I've lugged a 2.5kg projector halfway across the world, and I've also send six of the Diurnal images to Fracture to be printed on glass. Both ways are pretty expensive.

For Orrery, I'm starting small: I purchased a Canon Selphy photo printer, delivered in two days from Reykjavik. It's a cute little printer optimised for printing 100 x 148mm snapshot-sized colour photographs. It does what it does well, at the cost of flexibility and consumables: once you've purchased the printer itself (~26,000 Icelandic kronur, c. 200 Euros), a 108-print paper + ink set costs ISK6900/ ~50 Euros, or < 50 Eurocents per print. That's not bad for nice-quality small prints, done in about a minute each in the comfort of your room.